The Saintpaulia ionantha:

Saintpaulia ionantha- Hybrids, also well known as "African Violets" still form the commercially most important group out of the gesneria family, after so many years of very high popularity amoung consumers of ornamental plants. Originally discovered in the "Usambara" mountains, located in what is today known as Tansania, the district captain "Walter von Saint Paul Illaire" brought the tiny plant to Europe in 1882. After decades of breeding efforts, the "Saintpaulia - ionantha" amounted to one of the most succesful breed amoung the flowering ornamentals and still belongs to the top 20 within tosday´s ranking of flowering potplants.


The variety "Neverfloris" stands for one of the strangest and most exciting creations, which ever left our breeding department. Featuring the typical plant structure, well known by all African Violet enthusiasts, the development of flowers shifts the plant far away from what we would call "ordinary". While the plant seems to come up with multiple flower stems, carrying large amounts of flower bulbs, they will never open to show a finished flower, but remain closed like shown on the pictures below. The plant keeps this bizzare - decorative appearance for many weeks, due to the very high durability of the "Non-Flowers". Neverfloris is therefore highly recommended for use with multiple types of floristic arrangements.

Neverfloris in "Flower"

Neverfloris single plant