The conferment of the "Taspo Awards 2009" in Berlin.

On Friday, the 30th of October 2009, a carefully selected group of the most innovative and successful companies, as well as individuals of the horticultural industry were honored within the annual cenferment of the "Taspo Awards 2009" in the city of Berlin. About 500 representatives of the "green industry" attended the gala evening in the German capital , where the awards were conferred within 22 different categories. In the context of this evening, the award for the best marketable plant novelty, the "Rabensteiner Award", was lent to Hermann Holtkamp GmbH & Co KG, featuring the new breeding creation "Neverfloris". 

from the left: Karl-Georg Bärlin,Inka Bause,Markus Holtkamp (Photo: Johannes Eisele)

The variety "Neverfloris" stands for one of the strangest and most exciting creations, which ever left our breeding department. Featuring the typical plant structure, well known by all African Violet enthusiasts, the development of flowers shifts the plant far away from what we would call "ordinary". While the plant seems to come up with multiple flower stems, carrying large amounts of flower bulbs, they will never open to show a finished flower, but remain closed like shown on the pictures below. The plant keeps this bizzare - decorative appearance for many weeks, due to the very high durability of the "Non-Flowers". Neverfloris is therefore highly recommended for use with multiple kinds of floristic arrangements. The "outstanding development" as well as the "high level of product innovation" lead the jury to the conclusion of lending the award to Hermann Holtkamp GmbH & Co KG.

Winners of the Taspo Award 2009 (Photo: Johannes Eisele)


The "Rabensteiner Award" 2009

At this point, we would like to thank all individuals, companies and institutions, who were involved within the process, which finally lead to the decision of lending the Taspo Award 2009 to our new breed "Neverfloris".

Markus & Thomas Holtkamp